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Hi! We are Fany & Moni

We teach freedom seekers how to build an online business as Kangen water distributors, promoting health and wellness to the world. We offer the ultimate business opportunity to join us and build a profitable lifestyle business. If you don’t have a product to sell, become a distributor and the high ticket item is provided for you.

Ready to create your space in the digital world? We can show you how you can successfully use the internet to attract like-minded individuals and share your product and services to an audience around the world! We offer an affiliate education course that takes you step by step on how to create your business. Get educated and be a part of a high vibrational community who is passionate about your immediate success.



Went from being a Student Advisor at a High School to an Entrepreneur and Business Owner, traveling anytime & truly living!


Went from being a Special Education Teacher to working online full time, traveling, & living life on my own terms!

Beach Girls

We love to travel & explore! We wanted to do more of it and live life abundantly. Building our paradise life has been the best investment. Join us so you can start building yours!