Believe 💛

Dreams do come true!

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I haven’t been to the ends of the earth, but I’m pretty sure México is one of my favorite countries.

I’ve got the travel bug and I can’t stop.

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Love yourself 💕

I changed like 5 times before going to this fancy dinner because I have a few extra pounds on me and I didn’t like how anything fit me. Can you relate 🙄? I also didn’t plan ahead,like I should have and go buy something new.

Anyway, as one of my nephews once said (actually Fany’s nephew) when he was about 5 years old and everyone always tried to make him hold his fork properly and wouldn’t let him eat in peace. “It’s not a problem of the world!”

Nobody really cares and it shouldn’t be that stressful. So chill. Learning how to love yourself (myself) can be a long process, but let’s do the dang thing! With the extra pounds and all! Because the better you get at it, the less focus you have on things that don’t really matter all THAT much.

Learn how to love yourself so you’ll get better at loving others too.

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Cascada de Tamul

No filter 😎

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Pueblo Mágico

If you just glance, you won’t see us.
Look harder 👀

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My “happily ever after”

I’m living it right now. Enjoying all that life has to offer and what God has placed in front of me. Life’s too short to spend it in animosity, no matter our differences, our race, our color, our backgrounds.


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A dream little island 🏝

Photo credit: @murph_holbox

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God 💛

Breath of my soul
Life in my bones
You’re The Only One my heart wants to know

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