If you want to:

  • Work from your laptop
  • Be a stay at home mom/dad
  • Travel the world
  • Ditch the 9-5
  • Be your own boss
  • Have more free time & make a sustainable income
  • Make a difference in people’s lives
  • Or just start a side hustle for extra cash

Then you are in the right place! Invest in building your own online business by becoming a Kangen Water Distributor.

What is Kangen Water?

Kangen Water is electronically reduced, hydrongen rich performance drinking water. Regular tap water goes through the Kangen Water Machine through the process of electrolysis technology to transform it into healthy alkalized, and rich in active molecular hydrogen. Kangen is key to improving health as well as getting rid of plastic bottle waste! Kangen water has helped improve the health of many people all over the world!

*Note: This informational (10 minute) video features an older model of the Kangen Machine.

Starting a business takes time, hard work and, dedication. Your time is your energy and it’s something we value. We want to be fully transparent and straight to the point here so there’s no beating around the bush and nobody’s time is wasted. This is:¬†

  • For all who are willing to put in the time & effort to build a business
  • This is not a “get rich quick” scheme
  • For those willing to invest, because you can’t expect to be a business owner without investing, right?
  • This is not a success over night process
  • ¬†Something that will require patience and loving the process of learning!

The Investment: Becoming a Kangen Water Distributor:


  • You become a distributor by purchasing the Kangen Water Machine + 2 other products from the Enagic Company who makes them. The ideal products are the Anespa: a shower spa that filters your water from harmful chemicals + the Ukon: tumeric vitamins or tea. (This would be called the trifecta; buying 3 Enagic products in order to get a better commission).
  • The cost of all 3 products is from $5,400-$9,500.
  • Payment plans are available
  • Join the Breakaway Movement Platform to learn all about Kangen Water Business. Breakaway Movement (BAM) is an educational platform¬†designed to guide you through your personal transformation in many areas of life such as financial, mindset, and health. Its goal is to ensure that when you dive in, you will also learn EVERYTHING you need to run your own successful online business using social media. This investment is only $33.33 a month.
  • You do not have to become a distributor to own a machine, but you do have to own a machine to become a distributor. If you choose not to become a distributor, we highly recommend you still become a Kangen Water drinker for all the health benefits! (The machine alone is only $5,400+shipping). And planet earth will also be thankful you stop using bottled water. Message us, contact us, to order your machine today!

Not Ready Yet?

Not convinced on becoming a Kangen Water Distributor or need some time to save the money to invest, but want to get started on building an online business? Don’t worry, we got you! Sign up to get these free life changing videos with our affiliate training course!

Have Questions? Feel free to reach out to us! We welcome you to shoot us an email and let us know what you need answers to. Also feel free to connect with us on Instagram or check out our blog tab, which is our IG posts.

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