We met over twenty-three years ago and instantly became great friends. We both followed the system set in place for us, which was to get an education, choose a career to land a “good job”. After graduating college we ended up working together and became roomates. We worked at a High School as Student Advisors and a Special Education Teacher.
     After five short years we were burnt out! We worked a 9-5 job that took 50+ hours a week and sometimes took work home. We were over worked, under paid, and unappreciated by a broken system that so many of you can relate to. We felt like our best effort was never good enough and that it made no difference in the world nor in the lives that surrounded us. We wanted and needed a change! We were always too exhausted when we went home with no energy to exercise, prep healthy meals, keep up with household chores, or do anything that mattered to us. There was no time for self care, a social life, or quality time with family. We thought “Is this it? Is this what we will do for the next thirty years?!” This can’t be right! This is no way to live!
     Thankfully one day we ran into a great business opportunity that would change our lives, our future and all we have ever known about earning an income. With this business we will be able to focus on the things that matter to us most. It will give us the freedom of time, which gives us a life lived on our terms, and gives us location freedom, which means we can live life wherever we want to.
     We are here today thanks to the decision we made to change the trijectory of our lives. We bought a house, sold it and became minimilist, resigned to our jobs, and started our own online business. Although all of these decisions were risky and uncertain for us, the idea of continuing on the way we earned an income was certainly not what we wanted. We had to try this. Not doing it was not an option. Today, it’s the best decision and investment we’ve ever made!

As you stand in your purpose, you inspire others to stand in theirs.
-Jasmine Star